What does it mean to be a member at Radiant Life Church?
To be a member means you have committed to become part of our team focused on our mission to: “Bring people into a REAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, to see people experience LIFE CHANGE as they grow in their faith, and to serve our COMMUNITY both inside and outside the four walls of the church.”
This commitment goes beyond making this your church home. It means that you have prayerfully become a stakeholder in what God is leading this congregation to do. Membership is not merely a statement of identity, it is a statement of ownership signifying both responsibility and accountability to this local church body.
Is membership for me?
Consider these statements:
1.) I have committed my life to Christ, and am determined to grow in my relationship with Him.
2.) I am committed to making this my church home.
3.) I have demonstrated faithful and consistent attendance.
4.) I am committed to partner with and support the mission and vision of the leadership of this church.
5.) I commit to demonstrating a life of godliness and Christian maturity.
6.) I will be faithful to be obedient to the Lord in giving.
7.) I am committed to help meet the needs of others through prayer and service.
If that sounds like you, you may be ready for membership.
Do I have to be a “member” to be involved in the ministries of the church?
There are many ministry opportunities for those who make this their church home regardless of membership. There are ministry positions of responsibility, such as leadership and teaching, in which membership is required.
You do not have to be a member to receive ministry from the church. Hospital visitation, funeral services, wedding celebrations, baby dedications and many other ministry needs are available to attendees regardless of membership status.
What is the process of becoming a member?
There is a 3 step process toward being considered for membership.
Step 1 – “Membership” Class
In this 2 session class, you will learn what it means to be a healthy, productive, and functioning part of this local church family. Membership Classes are offered every quarter during our Wednesday night activities starting at 7:00pm.
Step 2 – “Board Fellowship”
The next step in the membership process is an informal fellowship time with the Board of Deacons. Along with getting to know the Board members, there will be an opportunity for them to get to know you and hear your story.
Step 3 – Membership Commissioning
After a candidate has completed the necessary requirements and has been approved by the Board, there will be a time during a Sunday morning service where the new members are recognized, welcomed, and prayed for by the congregation.
Am I able to transfer my membership from a former church?
Each church family has it’s own unique personality, and most often has a unique process of membership. Therefore, to bring us all together on the same page, those wishing to transfer membership are asked to participate in the same steps listed above. We do welcome a letter of request for membership transfer as a first step.
Can I make this my church home if I am not a member?
Absolutely! Our doors are always open to those seeking a deeper walk with the Lord. While membership at Radiant Life Church is a commitment of responsibility, it should not be perceived as a mark of status. Scripture declares that we are all parts of one Body, each part has a different function, but ALL are equally important!
Making a commitment to the local church means much more than adding your name to a roll book. It means taking the responsibilities that come along with the privileges, being blessed and blessing others, and saying “No” to the world’s standard of commitment and “Yes” to God’s.
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