New York Mission Trip | December 13-18

We are going back to New York! New York City consists of 3.3 million immigrants from 150 countries. Some of these individuals are here for a short time and will return back to their countries while others are here for a fresh start. We have the opportunity to plant seeds in 150 countries! How amazing?! We can reach the nations right here in the United States. By sharing the love of Jesus, these people are able to go back to their home countries and make HIS name known. By sharing the love of Jesus we are helping individuals truly have the best fresh start here in America.
On this trip, team members have seen God multiply toys at outreaches, police officers bring broken families to church teams to receive ministry, homeless receive hope, and countless people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. By saying YES to joining us in New York City, you are saying YES to changing the world.